You might like to visit MyCRA Lawyers if you’re looking for the safe choice for Legal Credit Rating Repair

MyCRA Lawyers is known by almost 8,000 mortgage brokers Australia wide to be the only trusted Law Firm that is 100% dedicated to helping you get the second chance you deserve.  You get that second chance when you ask MyCRA Lawyers to investigate the validity of the bad credit default listing on your credit rating.  MyCRA Lawyers is your safe choice because MyCRA Lawyers is the ONLY Legal Practice (or any other company for that matter) to have engaged an independent auditor to confirm in writing, their unique 91.6% successful default removal resolution rate.

Call MyCRA Lawyers Now On 1300-667-218 For A Free, No Obligation and 100% Confidential Initial Consultation With One Of Our Friendly Legal Team (Valued at $197.00)

If you have a Bad Credit Rating, then you’ve probably heard all of the horror stories (unfortunately true) about how good honest people just like you are being ripped off and taken advantage of but untrained, unaccredited, ‘shonks’ & ‘dodgy’ credit repair companies…

It’s got so bad that the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) released a damning report on the 21st of January 2016 warning people.  One of the comments in the report was about their “… lack of understanding of the relevant laws…”

This is yet another reason so many good quality mortgage brokers ONLY refer their valued clients to MyCRA Lawyers.

Call MyCRA Lawyers now on 1300-667-218 to chat about your specific circumstances.  MyCRA Lawyers can then advise you of your options so you can feel comfortable knowing exactly what you can do and make an educated decision on how quickly you’d like to regain control of your financial future and how quickly you can have that burden taken away, and the weight lifted from your shoulders by MyCRA Lawyers.

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